Friday, August 7th

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112:00 PMWELCOME TO QUAKECON AT HOMEKick off 72 hours of streaming with the annual QuakeCon Welcome! Join Bethesda Softworks Senior Vice President Pete Hines for the details on QuakeCon at Home activities, charities and sales – plus updates on games including DOOM Eternal, The Elder Scrolls Online and much more.
21:00 PMThe Elder Scrolls Online Voice-Over Chat – Featuring Jennifer Hale & Robbie DaymondThe Elder Scrolls OnlineLyris Titanborn and Fennorian team up for a QuakeCon stream! Award-winning voice actors Jennifer Hale and Robbie Daymond talk about their roles in the Dark Heart of Skyrim yearlong story, and what it’s like to voice some of The Elder Scrolls Online’s most beloved characters.
32:00 PMFallout 76 – A Colossal Problem Boss EventFallout 76Join the Fallout 76 Design Team (Martin Raymond, David Dobert, and Victoria McCreary) along with Community Managers Jess Finster and Devann McCarthy for a COLOSSAL stream as they try their might on the upcoming in-game Event, A Colossal Problem.
43:30 PMDOOM Eternal – Ultra Nightmare with Achievement HunterDOOM EternalRooster Teeth's "Achievement Hunters" Jack Patillo (@jack_p) and Josh Ornelas (@Joshua_Ornelas) attempt DOOM Eternal's Ultra Nightmare difficulty... and (naturally) shenanigans.
55:00 PMRepresentation in Video GamesJoin Gordon Bellamy (Gay Gaming Professionals), Evan Narcisse (Narrative Design Consultant, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales), Susan Kath (Arkane Austin), and Dinga Bakaba (Arkane Lyon) for a discussion on the importance of representation and character diversity in video games.
66:00 PMPrey Tell with Janina Gavankar and Susan KathPreyActress Janina Gavankar (The Way Back, Far Cry 4, Star Wars Battlefront II) interviews Arkane's Susan Kath about the making of the award-winning game, Prey.
77:30 PMDOOM Eternal Panel with Hugo Martin and Marty StrattonDOOM Eternalid Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin return to QuakeCon to talk all things DOOM Eternal – including in-depth insights you can only get straight from the team.
810:00 PMAlienware Hour with rxysurfchic | Final Achievements in DOOM EternalDOOM EternalJoin @rxysurfchic from Alienware as she grinds out her last achievements in DOOM Eternal. Help us raise money for some great causes and win some epic Alienware loot.
11:00 PM3 Amigos and their (DOOM) Demons - 3 Amigos y sus DemoniosDOOM EternalJoin the 3 Amigos (@nrdware) as they chat (in Spanish!) about DOOM Eternal's BATTLEMODE and QuakeCon.

Saturday, August 8th

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112:00 AMFallout 76 – C.A.M.P. Competition & ShowcaseFallout 76Showcasing the best Fallout 76 C.A.M.P. builds from the Australian & New Zealand C.A.M.P. Competition.
212:30 AMFallout 76 – Australia Community Session with TYR, MoonlitCharlie & CaptainoobFallout 76Join Australian content creators TYR (@Tyr_VY), MoonlitCharlie (@MoonlitCharlie) and Captainoob (captainoob72) for more Fallout 76 adventures in Appalachia.
32:00 AMFallout – Cooking Show with Bethesda Australia & New ZealandFallout 76Get your cooking supplies (and RadAway) ready as Bethesda ANZ tries out some of the post-apocalyptic recipes from the official Fallout Cookbook.
43:00 AMFallout Cosplay – Interview with 5NOVCreationsFallout 765NOVCreations (@5NOVCreations), an Australian who makes stunning Fallout cosplays and other creations, talks about bringing elements of the game world into real life.
54:00 AMThe Elder Scrolls Online Charity Stream for UNICEFThe Elder Scrolls OnlineStreamers Thorlar (@saythorlar), Michi (@michirage) and QueenE (@EmilyKrumlinde) join forces to explore Tamriel and Greymoor to raise money for global charity, UNICEF!
65:10 AMPrey: Mooncrash – You DecideMooncrashYou're in charge as Bethesda's UK Community Manager Rob O'Neill takes on Arkane's deadly Prey: Mooncrash. YOU decide Rob's every move!
76:30 AMThe Secrets of DOOM EternalDOOM EternalA tour of DOOM Eternal’s greatest hidden secrets – from mysterious aquatic reptiles to feline graffiti. Plus: tips and tricks on taking down the Marauder!
88:00 AMArkane 20: Dishonored with Elly the Geek + ArkaneDishonoredEllytheGeek (@EllyTheGeek) takes on the original Dishonored with two of the game's creators, Dinga Bakaba and Daniel Todd.
99:00 AMThe Elder Scrolls Online – Conquering IcereachThe Elder Scrolls OnlineThe UK Stream Team heroes take a trip through Harrowstorm’s danger-filled Icereach.
1010:00 AMSkyrim Challenges - Team Stormcloaks vs The ImperialsSkyrimWatch the Bethesda Benelux team play Skyrim challenges against each other... and pick a side! Team Stormcloaks or Team Imperials – the choice is yours!
1111:00 AMFallout 76 – Creative C.A.M.P. BuildingFallout 76Deathclaw mazes and brahmin catapults! Join aswiftkickinthejunk (@vault101manguy), creator of some of the wasteland's craziest contraptions, for demonstrations, tutorials and a discussion on "building outside the box."
1212:30 PMDOOM Eternal BATTLEMODE | Friday Night Fights | Invitational FinalsDOOM EternalAfter seven weeks of the most passionate community players facing off in tournament play, it all comes down to this. Tune in see who will be crowned the community's first DOOM Eternal BATTLEMODE champion.
133:00 PMCHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast – QuakeCon at Home EditionFallout 76Join Ken (CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story), Tom (The Fallout Lorecast) and Dave (Vault Boys VW) for a special Fallout 76 community showcase episode of The Fallout Hub Show. This vintage-style variety show will include interviews, machinimas, musical numbers and plenty of surprises.
145:00 PMThe Best Elder Scrolls Online Roleplay on Twitch!The Elder Scrolls OnlineWatch streamers and voice actors Dayeanne Hutton (@DayeanneHutton) and Tony Noto (@TheTonyNoto) play The Elder Scrolls Online while in-character and, occasionally, in costume!
156:00 PMA Dishonored Tabletop AdventureDishonoredOur journey begins just as Empress Jessamine Kaldwin is assassinated and the Rat Plague deaths are at an all-time high. But avoiding the Rat Plague is not their only goal. Join Arkane's Harvey Smith and a band of heroes (alongside their puppet master) in Dunwall for a lively adventure in the Dishonored Tabletop RPG!
168:00 PMThe Elder Scrolls Online Gearless & Fearless Dungeon Run – featuring Nicole SavoyThe Elder Scrolls OnlineCheer on members of the The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Team and pro-wrestler Nicole Savoy as they take on one of the challenging Harrowstorm dungeons. Here’s the catch: they can only equip gear they find in the dungeon. Can they do it? Watch to find out!
1710:00 PMDOOM Eternal with 3 Chubby Bastards - Gordeando con DOOM EternalDOOM EternalThe 3 Chubby Bastards take on DOOM Eternal in this Spanish-speaking live event!
1811:00 PMRobert Whittaker & Pete Hines play The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Elder Scrolls OnlineTop UFC Middleweight fighter Robert Whittaker joins top Bethesda Marketing Guy Pete Hines to adventure through Tamriel in The Elder Scrolls Online!

Sunday, August 9th

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112:00 AMBethesda Cosplay – Competition & ShowcaseShowcasing the best Bethesda cosplays from our Australia & New Zealand Cosplay Competition.
212:30 AMThe Elder Scrolls Online – Australia Community Session with Tamriel DownunderThe Elder Scrolls OnlinePlaying The Elder Scrolls Online with Australian The Elder Scrolls Online stream-team, Tamriel Downunder (@TamrielDownundr).
32:00 AMThe Elder Scrolls – Cooking Show with Bethesda Australia & New ZealandThe Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Bethesda Australia & New Zealand team whip up a range of Elder Scrolls recipes from the official Elder Scrolls Cookbook.
43:00 AMDOOM Eternal – Nightmare Blindfold Challenge with TheSpudHunterDOOM EternalCompetitive FPS streamer TheSpudHunter (@TheSpudHunter) and Jonny Roses take on DOOM Eternal's brutal Nightmare difficulty, but with a twist.
54:00 AMThe Elder Scrolls Online – My World with AeyviThe Elder Scrolls OnlineThe Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team member Aeyvi (@aeyvi) takes a personal journey with Bethesda UK Community Manager OpheliaNoir (@ophelia_noir) through The Elder Scrolls Online to reflect on why its rich, inclusive world is so important to her.
65:00 AMFallout 76 SightseeingFallout 76Join Bethesda Community Managers Rob O'Neill and Jonny Roses on a guided tour of some of Fallout 76’s most popular points of interest.
76:00 AMFallout 4 – ItsJABO’s SpeedrunFallout 4Renowned speedrunner Jabo (@its_jabo) shows off a high-speed, glitchless playthrough of Fallout 4. But will he pet Dogmeat?
88:00 AMFallout 76 – Global Community Team Free PlayFallout 76It’s a Fallout 76 Free-for-All! Hang out with the Bethesda Community team as they triumph over the challenges of post-nuclear Appalachia together.
99:30 AMSpeedrunning DOOM Eternal – On Ultra NightmareDOOM EternalFPS legend DraQu (@DraQu_) speedruns DOOM Eternal on Ultra Nightmare difficulty! In this mode, enemies are relentless and there are no continues. Can DraQu rise to the challenge? Only one way to find out.
1011:00 AMThe Elder Scrolls Online – PvP Masterclass with RubenSkyThe Elder Scrolls OnlineUp your skills and learn how to become a legendary PVP contender in The Elder Scrolls Online with the help of The Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team Partner Rubensky (@RubenSky_Twitch).
1112:00 PMDOOM II | FFA Finals | Take The CrownDOOM IIWatch the thrilling finals of this community-run DOOM II Free-for-All tournament!
121:00 PMA Dishonored Tabletop Adventure (Continued!)DishonoredIt's time for the finale in this QuakeCon edition of the Dishonored Tabletop RPG!
135:00 PMQuake World Championship – Grand FinalsQuakeThe 2019–2020 Quake Pro League season concludes at the Quake World Championship. The top 24 Quake players from around the world compete for their share of $150,000 in prizes and a chance to etch their name into the Championship Belt!
147:00 PMThe Elder Scrolls Online – Live Art Creation & ChatThe Elder Scrolls OnlineWatch ZOS Concept Artist Mike May create a stunning The Elder Scrolls Online-themed drawing LIVE. Audience participation is encouraged, so tune in and see his latest work come to life. (One lucky viewer may even get a chance to win this one-of-a-kind artwork!)
158:00 PMMooncrash with Lawrence Sonntag and Ricardo BareMooncrashLawrence Sonntag (@SirLarr) sits for an in-depth conversation abnout Prey: Mooncrash with Arkane's Ricardo Bare.
169:00 PMThe The Evil Within with Poiised and Teecup181The Evil Within 1Poiised (@POiiSED) and Teecup181 (@Teecup181) face their fears as they brave The The Evil Within.
1710:00 PMThe The Evil Within 2 with John Johanas & Jonny RosesThe Evil Within 2The The Evil Within 2 game designer & director John Johanas plays and discusses the game with community manager Jonny Roses.