For all uses, the Quakecon logo assets may not be altered in any way. Any uses that deform, recolor, rearrange, pixelate, or decorate the logos will not be approved for use.

Questions? We’re happy to help! Email [email protected] for usage inquires and approvals.

Best Practices

  • Always ensure that the safety zone spacing of the logos is respected
  • Only use the logo asset files that accompany this guide
  • Never rotate the logos or apply styles or effects to the logos
  • Logos must always appear opaque, crisp, and easy to identify
  • Never use black backgrounds

Base Brand

The base brand is the over-arching consistent branding that Quakecon has been using. Existing and shown rules apply.

The standard Quakecon logotype is best represented in Quakecon Orange (PMS 165C) unless it is needed on a black background, or a background that negates the standard Orange. Best alternative use will be White on a dark background, and Black where it is ultimately needed.

Visual Assets


HEX: #2E4156
CMYK: 47,24,0,66
PMS: 534 C
HEX: #FF671D
CMYK: 0,57,84,5
PMS: 165 C
HEX: #FAB190
CMYK: 0,29,42,2
PMS: 1555 C
HEX: #6DC5A7
CMYK: 45,0,15,23
PMS: 570 C
HEX: #FDB749
CMYK: 0,28,71,1
PMS: 1365 C